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Operation Phoenix: The Saga

Operation Phoenix

Brief History

After an extensive and exhausting campaign in Panthera, 10thSOC pulled out of the region after eliminating the Russian-backed insurgents. Shortly after, Command received intel from friendly German forces that a journalist, Steven Hersh, had critical information regarding Russia’s next move.

ODA0114 was sent in and was able to secure the journalist. During debrief, Hersh stated that through one of his high level sources inside the Kremlin, he learned of an attack in retaliation for Panthera. He did not, however, know the location of the attack. Hersh also learned that Russia had backed the Pantheran insurgency as a way to push their policy into the Middle East, with the goal of an eventual alliance between the Middle East and Russia.

As you all know, Putin’s Russia has been posturing for some time. We’ve monitored their military movements, but the attack on the NATO-held Altis caught everyone off guard. We believe that their plan was to take Altis in one fell swoop, but between you guys holding off the assault on the north-eastern flank, and the German Tank division holding off the southern push, that plan failed.

POTUS took this attack to heart, and luckily for us, NATO was just as unhappy. We’ve been tasked with, as I like to call it, “counter-communism” operations in the Russian controlled territory of Chernarus.The area is vital to controlling supply lines to and from the larger Russian territories. NATO's primary objective is to establish a base of operations in the area and advance to eliminate the Russian presence in the area. We’re not the primary fighting force on the OP. We are acting as a supplementary force, focusing on specialized missions determined to be high-risk high-reward by EUCOM.

Enemy Troops
Now, the Russians. They're well trained and about as well equipped as you'd expect from your average infantry. They have Special Ops in the area, so IR laser discipline is to be enforced. You know what to expect as far as tanks, CAS birds, and fast movers. This is their “home-away-from-home” and where all the supplies travel through, so expect QRF. We don’t expect many civilians, but if you see someone without a gun, don’t shoot.