10SOC Site Underway

We are well under way with the new site. Things are going well as we start to implement more things. As such, things have a tendency to break or not work properly while we figure out all the bugs. As the community here grows with our members more bugs are likely to appear. Please report it.

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  1. Benality

    Unit Recovery Time

    10SOC values content and continuously having deployments and campaigns. We are currently in a Deployment to Chernarus fighting the Russians. Our current deployment will end on 23 Feb 2019. MATCOM will go into a two week planning and preparation phase for our next deployment that has been...
  2. Benality

    AAN News Update 04 Jan 2019

    AAN Update of Operation Phoenix brought to you by AAN War wages on in the region of Chernarus. Sources say that during the engagement that took place last Saturday, a Russian diplomat, Vladimir Kalisnitov, was captured. It is uncertain as to why Kalisnitov was the target, and no information has...
  3. Benality

    Can't Find Member

    Mustangs account is still waiting validation. Have him validate his email and then you should be able to see his profile.
  4. Benality

    Website support | Bug tracking

    The notification in the Navbar is not notifications. Those are how many people are logged on the server. As for the widget in the bottom left I will need to look into it. It has been working just fine so possibly either a permission on Discord has changed or the Cloudflare service the bot uses...
  5. Benality

    Website support | Bug tracking

    Role has been modified.
  6. Benality

    Site Updates

    Alrighty then so a lot has changed since we first launched the website.. I will update the changelog but I wanted to just briefly list out what was done. Resources Add-on has been installed. This can be used for Guides, Downloads etc. Anything we need to help get resources to our members...
  7. Benality

    Discord Tags

    Added roles back on site. This should prevent that from happening again.
  8. Benality

    Arma 3: Getting Started 0.0.1

    We will break down all the things that you need in order to get started and playing on our servers. Great for new members to get up and running in very little time. Prerequisites : Arma 3 Installed (Some missions require Apex DLC) Teamspeak Installed - Will need Task Force Radio addon we...
  9. Benality

    Steam Single Sign On

    Yeah, I am kind of in agreement there. No real need for Steam to be a login method, unless it was more a convenience thing.
  10. Benality

    Groups / Roles

    Okay guys. The Discord has gone through a lot of changes. One of them being that we reduced the amount of channels and roles that were in the Discord. This changed a lot of the functionality and some gaps in permissions etc. This means that we need to be patient as we work through some of the...
  11. Benality

    Website support | Bug tracking

    Please clear your cache for 10soc.com in your web browser. You can do this specifically for domains in every broswer.
  12. Benality

    Steam Single Sign On

    Yes Single Sign On (SSO) allows for you to use another service such as Discord, Steam, Google, Battle.net etc to login to another website. It uses the credentials from the other service to essentially create your account.. Make signing up for other site more streamlined.
  13. Benality

    New Support Process

    In order to get support you must first post a support request on the forums.. The ticket will be logged and a member of IOCOM or Bn command will reach out to you to assist you. You will not be able to post directly to the Discord channel you must first create a topic post to receive support...
  14. Benality

    Whew, we did it

    Finally, after nearly a month of working on the website, we have finally got to a point where we can launch and start to get members using the site and putting it through some paces. Overall, I feel comfortable with the site and what it can offer us down the line. I have integrated most of the...
  15. Benality

    AAN New Update 25-01-2019

    Reported by AAN correspondent CPL Jones As the fighting continues, NATO forces have pushed their way into the Russian occupied region of Chernarus. This comes shortly after an attack by the Russians was waged on NATO forces in Altis. NATO officials say that Chernarus is vital to controlling...
  16. Benality

    Antistasi Public Server | Changelog

    We will move this to a more permanent home once we get things properly established. For now, we will use this thread to update the changelog for the server.
  17. Benality

    Operation Phoenix: The Saga

    Operation Phoenix Brief History After an extensive and exhausting campaign in Panthera, 10thSOC pulled out of the region after eliminating the Russian-backed insurgents. Shortly after, Command received intel from friendly German forces that a journalist, Steven Hersh, had critical information...
  18. Benality

    New Site Features

    A lot of changes to the 10SOC Website, and from what I can tell, many more to come. Check out the changelog if you like to have a full breakdown on unreleased features and changes. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Authy One-Touch 2FA is a great way to secure your account here on the site...
  19. Benality

    Public Arma Board

    This is a great place for the public to interact with 10SOC and find games / events that are available and open to the public. Most of our public events are hosted on your pub server(s) and we often times run certain events and missions on there. If you wish to find players during the week...
  20. Benality

    Steam Single Sign On

    In the past, we used either Discord or Steam to help with new registrations as well as each of access. The problem with that is that it typically adds information to the database that otherwise just sits there and doesn't do us much good. I am ok with bring back the Single Sign On processes if...