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10th Special Operations Command


AAN News Update 04 Jan 2019

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AAN Update of Operation Phoenix brought to you by AAN

War wages on in the region of Chernarus. Sources say that during the engagement that took place last Saturday, a Russian diplomat, Vladimir Kalisnitov, was captured. It is uncertain as to why Kalisnitov was the target, and no information has yet to be released.

Kalisnitov has been very vocal in his criticism and disdain of US foreign policy in the region, stating: "The American government does not need to concern itself with what Russian people do on Russian soil."

The 10th Special Forces group, under the command of 10SOC, was assigned with the extraction of Kalisnitov. The team executed a raid on the tagets location in the town of Polana, and secured Kalisnitov. During the extraction, The 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion ambushed a convoy of enemy troops heading towards Polana, ensuring that the 10th SFG made a successful extraction.

Stay up to date with the latest reports, as AAN News Network follows 10SOC during the...

AAN New Update 25-01-2019

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Reported by AAN correspondent CPL Jones

As the fighting continues, NATO forces have pushed their way into the Russian occupied region of Chernarus. This comes shortly after an attack by the Russians was waged on NATO forces in Altis. NATO officials say that Chernarus is vital to controlling supply runs, to and from the larger Russian territories.

This engagement started earlier this year, when NATO learned that the Russians were backing Pantheran insurgants as a way to push their policy into the Middle East, with a goal of an eventual alliance between the Middle East and Russia.

The President of the United States has deployed the 10th Special Operations Command to assist in the invasion on Chernarus. 10SOC is an elite military unit, comprising of the 10th Special Forces group, the 75th Ranger Regiment, and 160th SOAR. As 10SOC continues their fight in Chernarus, AAN News Network will be there to report on the progress of this engagement, every step of the way.

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Operation Phoenix: The Saga
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Operation Phoenix

Brief History

After an extensive and exhausting campaign in Panthera, 10thSOC pulled out of the region after eliminating the Russian-backed insurgents. Shortly after, Command received intel from friendly German forces that a journalist, Steven Hersh, had critical information regarding Russia’s next move.

ODA0114 was sent in and was able to secure the journalist. During debrief, Hersh stated that through one of his high level sources inside the Kremlin, he learned of an attack in retaliation for Panthera. He did not, however, know the location of the attack. Hersh also learned that Russia had backed the Pantheran insurgency as a way to push their policy into the Middle East, with the goal of an eventual alliance between the Middle East and Russia.

As you all know, Putin’s Russia has been posturing for some time. We’ve monitored their military movements, but the attack on the...
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New Site Features
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A lot of changes to the 10SOC Website, and from what I can tell, many more to come. Check out the changelog if you like to have a full breakdown on unreleased features and changes.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Authy One-Touch

2FA is a great way to secure your account here on the site. Using an app (such as Authy or Google Authenticator) where you have to open up the app on your phone, and type out a 6 digit number into the website is the typical 2FA approach. With this update, we now support One-Touch logins through the Authy app. This means instead of having to open the app to login with 2FA; you will instead immediately receive a notification on your phone, where you can approve your login with a single button press.

For security reasons, 2FA is recommended across the entirety of the internet. This way, for someone to log in to your account, they would...
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About Us

10th SOC is an Arma 3 Mil-Sim Unit. The unit originally started back in 2009 and has been involved with many games such as Project Reality and Squad.

We strive to create a brotherhood of like minded members that enjoy military tactics being applied to the game of Arma. We have several verified veterans that help run the organization and train to real life scenarios with an Arma twist.

Our members come for the amazing training and experience, and stay because we are a family. Real life and fun comes before anything else. Our missions and deployments are designed to be challenging, but with a lot of fun.

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